As an experiment, I looked at the subway as a destination instead of an instrument to get from point A to point B. I have therefore taken the subway 24 hours and lived one day without daylight. On the map below I wrote down my findings and feelings.


00.00 Start
00.40 A man has made a drawing of me to make money, but I think that
      I do not look like it(see below).
01.02 I feel okay.
01.22 I feel sorry for the woman and child who sleep in the subway.
03.10 Alternating hot and cold makes it hard.
03.30 It is strange to realize that at day, mass transit is for 
      everyone, and at night it becomes a sleeping place for 
      thousands of homeless people.
06.00 Commuters come on stream.
06.30 I'm falling asleep.
06.54 I feel tired and shaken.
09.45 I feel lonely in the crowd.
10.00 The words "see something say something" do not make me feel
10.20 Transporting people is only part of the job of the subway.
      Much more takes place there : shelter for the homeless, 
      (illegal)trade, art, care of drunken people.
10.40 Subwayman loves it to say "stay clear of the closing doors 
10.45 A drunkard talks to everyone and finds everyone beautiful
12.00 I have seen 3 people arrested and removed by the police. I
      think they are more alert than usual.
13.20 It feels like I see a lot of people for the second time. 
      They all start to look alike.
14.00 Just watched boxing on TV in the subway at Time Square.  
      All tourists are awake
14.30 I talked with a crazy old Italian woman
16.50 Solitude and the airco is too hard.
18.30 Peak hour is insane.
19.00 Many tourists leave the subway.
19.10 Now it is enough.
20.15 Man has a tattoo of an external hard drive.
22.31 People smell like alcohol.
13.30 A man gets a stroke and is carried away by the police and 
24.00 Stop

In the Time Square station, in the corridor between the blue line and other lines is a poem hidden in the ceiling:

so tired 
if late, 
get fired 
why bother? 
why the pain? 
just go home 
do it again

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