plaNYC a greener, greater New York

plaNYC is a policy of Mayor Bloomberg to respond to these challenges: growth, infrastructure, a global economy and climate change. This plan was first presented in 2007 and is in 2011 revisited. The plan has been built from several goals witch I will discuss below some. 

Housing and neighborhoods. 

They have to create homes for almost a million more New Yorkers before 2030. Through zoning they have to make neighborhoods more dense otherwise there will be more and more car-dependent areas in New York (more than half a mile of transit). They will also make mixed-use communities with a variety of employment opportunities and local retail and services. They have to invest in affordable housing, not only in new units, but also in preservation and upgrading the existing units. 

Parks and public space

They have set the goal that every New Yorker lives within a 10-minute walk of a park. This means protecting the public spaces that were made in the paste and creating new places. For the new places they look in the grid for open spots and for open underutilized spaces as playgrounds or part-time public spaces. They create also playgrounds for the time of the year when the need for play space is even more acute. They also upgrade and improve the destination parks and continue to expand usable hours at existing sites. There is a plan to plant one million trees in New York City and at this point they have already planted over 430 000 trees. 

Vacant or underutilized land often thought to be unusable due to environmental contamination represents one of the greatest opportunities to secure new land for development. 


They expand the Bleubelt program as a successful model of a cost-effective sustainable storm water management strategy that provides multiple benefits in addition to improving water quality. 

The strategies must focus on the key transportation need: handling increased demand from population and job growth; optimizing the speed, safety, reliability and comfort across modes; and managing the flow of goods into, out of, and around New York city. By diversify the transportation system they can reach more New Yorkers therefore they invest in: busses, subway trains, trains, ferry service, bicycles, taxi’s and airports. 

Further on they take care of water supply, energy, air quality, solid waste and climate change

Source: Mayor Michael R.Bloomberg, plaNYC; update April 2011; a greener, greater New York, The City of New York


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